Laundry motivation.

Blah blah blah. I have no motivation for squat. Even on my days off I don’t do anything. Man if I knew how to make and patent a motivation drink I’d be rich as all get out. Hopefully I’m gonna finish my cleaning today. I need to. My house is a disaster area right now. My bedroom and the living room looks like laundry exploded and vomited more laundry. It’s so bad. I wish I didn’t hate laundry so much. I despise the thought of it. Anyone know any ways to make laundry less horrible? Seriously taking all help. Laundry is quite possibly the worst thing on the planet to me. It’s really just the folding part. I can’t seem to bring myself to want to do it. It’s so boring and I feel like I’m wasting time. Weird I know.


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