Family time.

So I don’t know how many of you people reading this live on your own but I do. Going on two years ago I moved out of my parents house. No crazy story here just felt it was time for me to stand on my own two feet. Anyways my point is that even though I have “my” house nothing is like “home.” maybe it’s because I’m only 23 and live alone or maybe it’s because I’m such a family-oriented person. No clue. But I was wondering if anyone else felt this way? I mean dont get me wrong I love being self-sufficient, as hard as it is sometimes, but nothing beats a good visit home. So I guess I have two homes in a sense. Too many days at my parents and I’m ready for my home too. I’m glad my parents respect me to make my own choices and all though and let me live the way I choose. I’m also glad my parents raised me to be independent because otherwise this would be harder than what it is. I have this great sense of accomplishment when I can say I’m 23 I got to college, work, provide for myself and rarely ask anyone for anything. So tell me what is what like when you moved out?? Any hard learned life lessons?? Tips and tricks of the trade?? Please share :)))


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