Green eyed monster of envy and anger

Ever had a best friend that things went south with? Most of us have. However, just hated the sound of their name and even worse their voice? It’s not because I want the friendship back but more because my feelings really i got hurt. When someone believes a liar and a thief over their “best friend” there’s a problem. I don’t do well when my feelings and trust are compromised and leave me feeling betrayed. But life goes on I suppose. I’ve lost and gained people and everything else since I became pregnant. I guess some people will never mature and grow up. My job now is mommy first, friends second. I’m sorry if people don’t get that.
On a better note I ate a nice semi-healthy lunch and I’m feelings much better. No more ER trips I hope. Also, I’m 18 weeks today 🙂 weird still but I’m happy (as long as I’m not at work ;))



So… went MIA for a while. SO very much to catch up on. For starters, the big one is I’m pregnant. Baby Armstead is due January 9, 2013. Never in a million years thought I would be a mom but I’m warming up to it ya know with the baby being inside me and all 😉 Anyways, PJ and I are still going strong and living together now. Yep, I went from miserable semingly single (albeit in a relationship) to blissfully happy and expecting. Big change…huh?? So yeah, thank God for answering prayers and then again thank him for not answering some. It all works out. Anyways, quick hello before I head to work aka hell (that’s another post). Attatched are the pictures of the cupcakes I promised back in April. :/ Yeah, I started slacking…