Power of Positivity.

Thankfully, I believe in the Lord and often he convicts me of such things I need to fix/correct in my life. Since becoming a SAHM, I have plenty of time to think about my family and what directions we/I am being led. For myself, I realize I used to complain A LOT. I meant A LOT. Granted, some of them were warranted but was it always necessary to keep putting it out there. I mean no one likes a Negative Nancy. So, it an effort to bring more positivity into my mind and life, I am going to try to list 3 things I am thankful or grateful for each day.

  1. I am thankful for my daughter who reminds me to slow down and enjoy life instead of living a list of to-dos.
  2. I am thankful for my SO (Significant Other) for being so persistent about me leaving a situation that was leaving me very unhappy to be able to enjoy my family.
  3. I am thankful for my faith. Although, I am NOWHERE close to perfect or even mediocre, I feel closer to God than I have in a while. I love that my SO & I can share this.



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