God is SO Good. (POP 4)

God is so good. I’ve been stressing quite a bit lately and trying not to bring it up and complain about it. (Bro. David gave a sermon about not being the victim that struck a nerve.) So, I’ve poured myself into just keeping my mouth shut from complaining and instead praying and reading. And wouldn’t you know it every verse I’ve read this week has had something to do with just trusting God. It’s like he’s nudging me saying “hey, chill out. I got this. Don’t I always?” However, I have Type A, need-to-fix-everything-myself personality so this is where I struggle the most. I have a compulsive urge to dash wherever the “crisis” is, particularly in my own life and head. I create my own worries; just in case it happens, I’m prepared. This is probably because I was born with “Bad luck”. (I know most christians don’t believe in luck… but hey neither did my SO until he got with me. haha) Anyways, I somehow always figure out how to keep going and moving on. I’m proud of this because I refuse to be a victim (hence the reference above.) However, I do complain, A LOT. I mean when something it bothering me, I talk about it to my closest people, sometimes over and over. I would’ve told me to hush by now but they love me and don’t. (Or maybe they do in their head…hmmm…) Maybe they know this is how I process things. I’m an optimistic realist (Is that a thing?! Well it is now.) I’m tuned in to reality but I want the best possible outcome. (Even though I know it’s not my luck.) But lucky for me (get it?) God intervenes on my behalf. 95% of the time I don’t deserve it. I have slacked on my reading and devotions. I definitely have a mouth I’m working on. I don’t spread his word as much as I could. Thank you he is merciful and forgiving. I strive to be better everyday, not just for me, but for my daughter. Plus, I can’t help someone else if I’m in the wrong. So, that being said I hope you enjoyed my little “rant” and I inspired you somehow. What’s your biggest vice/flaw?


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